We move towards our Dreams until we believe them to be Impossible.


2020 Dream Weaver


The Interdependence Journey Endures


Weavers of a Dream

2020 Miniseries


This year we present Weavers of a Dream, a three-week online learning process in live miniseries format.


It will be a guided learning experience that begins by reviewing the contexts, worlds and beliefs of your dreamer, in six (6) episodes of three (3) hour each episode,  you make the leap to your vision of the inevitable dream.  


This season we will be joined by Lynne Twist, Bob Dunham, Paz Zagal, Daniel Taroppio, Heather Ash Amara, Charles Eisenstein and Rodrigo “Roco” Pacheco as guest speakers and our team of facilitators, entrepreneurs and social actors from diverse territories and experiences, all of them connected with grounding relevant and practical learning that will accompany your dreamer into action.

Year after year we want to take on viable projects, dreams, change agents and active communities that the world needs by 2020 and 2050.


What is your Dream? What is your Dream for the World?
Are you ready to make it a Reality?


You want to know more? Participate in the free Online Connection Experiences and explore our proposal. Let us know you.


How to Participate

Weavers of a Dream - Miniseries 2020

Discern the Dream

Discern a dream, an idea…


Do you want to transform something in yourself, in others?


Do you want to design something distinct that can care for communities, values, life…? Manifest your purpose in the form of viable project.

Do want to make other ideas, other dreams come true? You can invest in supporting our platform and help us service and attend the greatest number of participants in the 2Weavers of a Dream - 2020 Miniserie of the InterSer Journey.

Do you know other Dreamers? Share this initiative.

How much do you want to invest in a Dream?

What investment do you want to make? We believe in the gift economy; you can participate in the way you want: giving and receiving.


Whichever investment you make gives you the option of being part of the Weavers of a Dream 2020 Miniseries.

If you choose to participate, you commit to actively attend the entire process.

You only want to make a monetary investment? That way you are still being part of the process where all of us help sustain it: invest in Dreams... 

Take a look at our proposal below.

How your investment evolves
Weavers of a Dream – 2020 Miniseries

Between $ 0 & $ 49 USD

Between $ 50 & $ 142 USD

Between $142 & $284 USD

More than $ 284 USD

You invest:

Your Time and Your Dream

You receive:

Join the Weavers of a Dream 2020.

  • The 3-week online learning process, an 18-hour immersion.

  • 6 episodes of the live miniseries.

You invest:

Platform and the Services

InterSer Journey

You receive:

Access to our platform for one year

  • Access to video recordings of the whole season 2020.

  • Access to our online assistance

  • 3 personal follow-up sessions with one of our coaches and mentors to help ground your dream.

You invest:

Other Dreams for the World

You receive:

Strengthen your dream by helping others

  • The possibility for other dreamers to participate.

  • Exclusive access to presentations and webinars of the 2020 Miniseries


You invest:

Transform Dreams into

Viable Projects

You receive:

The generation of value

  • Besides, you will have total access to the InterSer Journey 2020 Platform, we will keep you informed of your investments progress, of their impact towards 2030 and 2050.

Work on Your Dream

So that all these dreams can manifest, your presence is imperative, be sure to participate


Do you have questions? Let’s talk, write to us @ , let’s make it possible together.



InterSer Journey Coaches and Mentors


El Escarabajo Verde’s C.O., a NGO dedicated to repopulate the Andean Forest, in Colombia. Has more than 12 years of experience as a consultant and coach in processes with leaders and teams. Has walked along ancestral cultures, has learned medicine and spirituality with native masters from different nations. Jorge is a member of Pachamama Alliance and a DrawDown facilitator.

Jorge Enrique Monje - Colombia
Jorge Enrique Monje



Taly is a psychologist, coach, an educator and a lecturer. A founding member of the Ubuntu Entrepreneurship Network, she is also a member of Pachamama Alliance. Has more than 20 years experience as a facilitator in of individual, collective and organizational processes related to the authentic presence of every single individual in the world.

Taly Szwarcfiter - Uruguay, Brasil
Taly szwarcfiter

Uruguai, Brazil


Graduate in Sociology. Onthologic and Transpersonal Coach. Primal Dance (EPTI) teacher. A Danza Butoh, the art of transformation, practitioner. Acted for 17 years in multinational enterprises as a human development director. Natalia has more tan 8 years as a Transformation Processes Facilitator both in Europe and Latin America, Natalia is also a member of Pachamama Alliance.

Natalia Meroño - España
Natalia Meroño



Studied International Commerce and Business Administration at The Union Institute in San Diego, California.  A Representative of Karitas Foundation, in Mexico. President of Fundación Comunidad A.C., in Morelos, México. President of Autonomía Libertad en Movimiento A.C. Erik is also the regional coordinator of Pachamama Alliance.


Erik Friend - E.U.A, Mexico
Erik friend



Senior Coach, trainer, lecturer and facilitator in various Latin American countries. Representative for the Caribbean Region of the Newfield Proa Alliance. Director of the ACP Caribe, a coaching training program based in Colombia. Committed to caring for, honoring and transforming life for a sustainable living on earth. Member of the Pachamama Alliance

Carolina Guevara.png
Carolina guevara



Psychotherapist, Facilitator of groups for personal development and body practices (Chi Kung, Taoist Yoga), pioneer in Brazil of Tensegrity of Carlos Castaneda and instructor of Being Energy. Co-founder of the Dream for the Wold Institute, the Intento Program and the Waru Environmental Project in Chapada Diamantina, Brazil. Member of the Pachamama Alliance.

Patricia Aguirre.jpg
Patricia Aguirre



Artist, acrobat, and student of Anthropology and Arts at the Universidad Javeriana. She dreams of a future in which we see life as a web. Sensitive proactivist for what happens to the world and for causes that care for the planet. She has volunteered in ecological organizations, with vulnerable children in Colombia and in Victoria Canada she was a volunteer in a center for immigrants and refugees. Member of the Pachamama Alliance.


Mariana Bacci.png
Mariana bacci



His energy manifests itself generating possibilities for integration. 15 years generating opportunities and business in the IT and financial sector. Sales geek, security specialist and integrator of technologies and synergies. Professional coach, electronic engineer, trained in prospective strategy and futurism. Passionate about discovering and enhancing the role of the holistic human being in organizations.

Germán Patiño.png
German Patiño



Executive Director of EcoSite, initiative to link research and development of technological solutions with priority needs at the socio-environmental level. Industrial and Systems Engineer with a specialty in self-sustainable development, water quality and safety. Project Manager, Facilitator in Social Innovation and Collective Intelligence. Member of the Pachamama Alliance



Juan Manuel Ledón
Juan Manuel Ledón



Humanist, connector of the transcendent world with everyday life, passionate about ethical storytelling. Psychologist, individual and organizational purpose coach. Thirty years of experience in strategic management for sustainable development with organizations, communities and teams in Iberoamerica, with a focus on the construction of collaborative networks in diversity, currently promoting triple impact models.

Ana Maria Salom