Dream Weaver - Miniseries 2020



Weavers of a Dream - Miniseries 2020

Year after year we want to bring Dreams that the world needs to viable projects, in 2020 and 2050.


We believe in the gift economy, you can participate in the place you choose, giving and receiving.


Any investment you make gives you the option of being in Weavers of a Dream 2020 Miniseries. 


If you choose to participate in the 2020 Miniseries you agree to actively attend throughout the process.


This year we will be accompanied by presenter, facilitators, consultants, ancestral wisdom-holders, entrepreneurs and social actors from more than 9 countries, all of them connected with serving to help you land relevant and practical learning that will accompany your dreamer to action.


Fill out the form at your right to be registered and make your investment!


InterSer Journey 2020 Team